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Quality Products and Competitive Pricing.
Made in the USA.

Knobware was founded as a wholly owned division of C&C Metal Products in 2010 to better service the requirements of our furniture and cabinet manufacturing and designing customers. Since 1914 C&C Metal Products has proudly manufactured fine decorative metal products.

Manufacturing Excellence:

C&C’s products are made in the USA using ISO-9000 Quality Standards. All aspects of production, from concept to finish, are done in-house, giving C&C maximum control of costs and quality. Vertically integrated operations include designing, engineering, die-making, model-making, zinc die-casting, metal stamping, slitting, slide-forming (wire & strip), engraving, plating and finishing. Our state of the art factory is located in Englewood, New Jersey with over 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Wherever metal meets natural fabrics, synthetic materials, wood, or leather, let C&C Metal Products help you make a statement.

Dedicated To Quality:

C&C Metal Products is proud to be ISO certified since 2003. Our daily activities are driven by our simple, yet meaningful Quality Policy which covers all aspects of customer satisfaction including product quality, on-time delivery, response time and all other service opportunities.

Our Policy:

C&C Metal Products is committed to meeting or exceeding our customers’ requirements and expectations by utilizing the principles of Continuous Quality Improvement.